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Very simple, easy to follow guidelines when playing online. Have fun! It is a game to be enjoyed and savored. If you are getting mad because you just can't hit anything today, or place dead last round after round. Then I suggest you take a 30 minute break; go walk your dog, choke your chicken, or watch some mindless MTV. Relaxed and bored yet?? Okay, now you can come back and play some more. Play nice with others. Trash talk is part of game play, but pure nasty slander and name calling is uncalled for. If someone starts taking offense to your non-stop chatter then shut your pie-hole for a few minutes and get back to fragging. Yelling CHEATER! or AIM-BOT doesn't really help. It is better to alert an |FMZ| crew member, if they happen to be in-game. Or email us specific details: time, place, situation, "bad" player name, etc. Having trouble with a |FMZ| crew member?? I sure as hell hope not. I hand picked all of our family members for their skills, and friendliness. We do however sometimes see impersonators playing under our names. If you have an issue, just email me. I will lay the smack down! Do you know, (without a doubt in your mind), that someone/some-clan is using a cheat, a hack, a modified .EXE to beat the system? Are YOU using this cheat successfully on our servers? Please send us details, how to replicate/implement on our end so that we can get this info out to an anti-cheat developer. Questions, comments, or things to be said about these rules?? Send to: Joplin@fmzclan.net

FMZ Rust Server


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